G Suite vs Zoho Mail: Pros, Cons, and Everything Else You Need to Know

Today we will examine G suite vs Zoho mail

In today’s digital world, competition among marketing platforms is fierce. Zoho Mail and G Suite are among the most popular tools on the market. Categorized as productivity suites and email marketing tools, both platforms offer a variety of valuable features. At a high level, Zoho Mail offers apps like group and user management, advanced mailbox search, and a suite of apps to improve productivity and collaboration. G Suite includes applications such as business mail, video and voice conferencing, cloud storage, and team messaging.

In this article, we’ll explore the different features of each platform, and highlight some pros and cons to help you make the best decision between G Suite vs Zoho Mail.

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is a secure email hosting service for small, medium, and large businesses with a built-in collaboration platform. The system allows you to host and manage multiple email accounts from a custom website domain. Within the inbox, the platform allows collaboration across the entire organization with classic features like sharing, liking, and comments. Corporate users can share calendars, take notes, and track important tasks. Some of the system’s key features include security, reliability, and filters.

g suite vs zoho mail

Zoho Key Features

Custom Domain-Based Emails

Use your businesses’ own domain or purchase one through Zoho Mail and use it to set up custom email addresses for all employees.

Integrated Applications

The Zoho Mail inbox is a one-stop-shop for a multitude of applications. Notes, Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts modules are all bundled within your inbox and can be contextually created from any content in an email or post.

Top-Tier Collaboration

Zoho Mail’s Streams creates a collaborative, social, and integrative conversational experience with your team. Streams enable you to have fewer email threads and more social media-style conversations through group chat, shared email, and tagging capabilities. Like, comment, and share right in your inbox.

Attachment Viewer

The Attachment Viewer allows you to do more with your attachments. It automatically organizes by type and separates them to alleviate the nuisance of hunting for files. You can review, upload, and share attachments in the cloud directly by hovering over it and choosing your preferred action. 

Efficient Sharing

You can share your email drafts and entire folders to review content and converse with colleagues about content. You are able to skip the chain of replies and allow whatever access to teammates you deem appropriate. 

Secure Communication

Zoho Mail ensures your data is secure, accessible, and fully encrypted. Your privacy is of massive importance and data is never sold to advertisers. GDPR compliance and advanced security add advanced protective layers.

Easy Migration

For businesses looking to switch email providers, Zoho Mail creates an easy transition from your current provider migrating contacts, calendars, and other data. Options to migrate via IMAP/POP or Outlook Exchange help with the transition and is even easier given the switch is from one of the major email providers.

Powerful Control Panel

The extensive control panel is a cloud command center that you can access on any device and allows businesses to set up and manage the organization’s accounts. You can manage mailboxes, spam policies, restrictions and other user information.

 Apps Available for Apple and Android

Zoho Mail has a suite of apps for mobile that allow you to stay connected on the go. Zoho Mail, Streams, Zoho Cliq, and Zoho Mail Admin App give you access to all of your business functions.


Pricing model: subscription
Mail Lite: $1/user/month (5GB per User)
Mail Premium: $4/user/month (50GB per User)
Mail Workplace: $3/user/month

Overview – Pros

99.9% uptime guaranteed
Supports management of multiple email addresses from a custom domain
Supports 23 languages, including Chinese, English, and Arabic
Offers a free trial
Easy set up for individual email accounts and groups
Integration with other Zoho apps and 3rd party applications

Overview – Cons

User interface seems a bit “dated”
Email classification system can be misleading
Features lacking in the Zoho Mail Admin app

G Suite

G Suite vs Zoho Mail - PaintedRobot.com

G Suite is an integrated suite of cloud-native, secure productivity, and collaboration apps that allows universal access across all teams. With features like Gmail, Sheets, Docs, Slides, and Calendar, the platform is managed by the Google Admin Console and Google Vault. From the Google Admin Console, admins can add or remove users, configure security settings for data, add verification steps and single sign-on (SSO), and set up groups. For reporting and auditing purposes, Google Vault (available with business and enterprise pricing packs) allows users to archive, search, and export on-the-record chats and company emails for auditing and reporting. In addition, G Suite integrates with other third-party tools like Slack, Basecamp, or Workzone.

G Suite Key Features

Business Email Through Gmail

Gmail is one of the most popular email clients on the market boasting over 1.2 billion users. G Suite allows business employees to have their own Gmail account with email addresses containing their businesses custom domain name.

Video and Voice Conferencing

With much of today’s business being conducted remotely, businesses are looking to optimize their employee communication. G Suite allows you to turn your business meeting into a video-conference from any computer, phone, or tablet and utilize screen sharing for seamless collaboration with Google Hangouts Meet.

Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations

Collaborate with these tools in real-time with teammates across all devices, with or without Internet. You can track changes made to the documents, see teammates working as it happens, and communicate through the built-in chat.

Shared Calendars

Keep your schedule organized by scheduling calls, setting due dates, setting reminders, and all on one Google Calendar that is available to everyone in your company. You can also create multiple calendars for different groups within the organization.  

Team Messaging

Use Google Hangouts Chat to connect with teammates 1-on-1 or to create a group chat.

Website Builder

Google Sites allows you to create your own website without the need for programming or any design skills. This tool automatically optimizes the site itself for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Professional Survey Builder

Google Forms allows you to create custom forms and questionnaires with easy drag-and-drop functionality that can easily be analysed using other Google tools like Sheets.

Security and Administration Controls

Google’s Endpoint Management helps protect your company’s data and configure security settings from a centralized administration console. Google’s 24/7 support staff is available both online and through mobile.


Pricing model: subscription
Basic G Suite: $7.80 CAD per user per month.
G Suite Business: $15.60 CAD per user per month.
G Suite Enterprise plan: Contact sales for pricing.

Overview – Pros

User friendly
Fully cloud-based
Plug and play set of productivity tools
Easily compatible to connect data to Google sites
Excellent storage capacity

Overview – Cons

Limited editing options for certain features like Google Spreadsheets or Google Docs
Costly for multiple users
Average/poor support system compared to other platforms
Backend settings are complex and confusing
Google Meet lacks features found in other video conferencing solutions

Zoho is an affordable option for smaller teams looking for a collaborative marketing platform. Although quite pricey, G suite provides a plug and play set of productivity tools with unique features accessible by all team members. We hope that this article provides some valuable insight in helping you select the right marketing platform for your team when it comes to G Suite vs Zoho Mail. Good luck on your marketing journey!

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If you are interesting in registering for a trial account with Zoho, simply click the link.

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