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Everything You Need to Know About Hiring an Authorized CRM Implementation Partner

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Are you looking to adopt a customer relationship management software (CRM) but are intimidated by the onboarding process, or are worried you’ll go over-budget? Do you wish there was a “CRM life coach” to swoop in and make your life easier? It turns out, there are professionals dedicating to doing exactly that, and they’re known as authorized partners. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about hiring an authorized partner to guide you through the CRM adoption process: what is an authorized partner, what are the benefits of hiring one, and which CRM is the best solution to run your company?

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What is a CRM?

First and foremost, let’s define what a CRM is and why it’s important for businesses. A CRM is a technology that manages all aspects of a business—running marketing campaigns, identifying sales opportunities, recording service issues, storing customer and prospect contact information—and centralizes them in one location.

Some of the benefits of adopting a CRM include:
• Improved customer service and customer satisfaction
• Better retention of customers
• Improved analytics and reporting
• Increase in sales and new leads
• Greater efficiency in day-to-day operations
• Improved team collaboration

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As one can imagine, adopting and deploying a CRM can take months, even years. Often, the learning curve is steep, and the implementation requires time and effort from all teams of the business. Thankfully, there are authorized partners to help streamline this process.

What is an authorized partner?

In the business world, an authorized partner refers to an organization that acts as a certified reseller and service provider that is authorized by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to service, sell, support, and maintain their products.

An authorized partner can play a crucial role in the adoption process of a CRM. Authorized partners help customers implement new solutions, integrate the software, and customize the CRM based on their unique needs.

Do I need to hire an authorized partner?

If you identify with one or more of the following scenarios, you likely need an authorized partner to assist with adopting a new CRM:
• I want to adopt a CRM for my small business but am worried I’ll go over-budget.
• I want to adopt a CRM but I don’t have enough resources to monitor it 24/7.
• I want to adopt a CRM but my teams have no technical knowledge of the software, and I’m worried it will be too technical.
• I want to adopt a CRM but I’m concerned about data migration from the old system.
• I want to adopt a CRM but my team just doesn’t have the time.

What are the benefits of hiring an authorized partner for my CRM implementation?

In today’s digital world, managing the customer relationship is complex. This process is made easier by adopting a CRM, but the adoption does not happen overnight. You can save time, resources, and costs associated with transitioning to a CRM by hiring a team to help. Here are some of the key benefits of adopting an authorized partner to assist in CRM implementation:

• In-depth evaluation of company needs. An authorized partner is armed with extensive knowledge of the CRM they are reselling. With this information, and an understanding of your company, they can determine exactly what the business needs, and how to address those needs with the CRM.
• Recommendations and prototyping for optimal outcome. One of the best parts of hiring an authorized partner for your CRM adoption is that they can provide suggestions about which model of a CRM best suits your company, and test and re-test those recommendations until you reach the best possible scenario.
• Custom configuration, integration, and development to suit your needs. No CRM offers a “one size fits all” solution. Most CRMs are flexible, and come with a variety of integration options and add-ons to accommodate for all types of businesses. An authorized partner will help you get the most out of the CRM by customizing elements like layouts, buttons, and custom buttons to fit your needs.
• Quick implementation. With experts guiding you through the CRM adoption process, you can rest assured the system will be up and running in full force within just a few months.
• Clean data migration. Whether a business previously used a CRM or not, chances are there are a ton of data that require migration from one platform to the other. For many, this can be a big source of stress. Thankfully, authorized partners have this process down to an exact science, and know how to transfer information safely and securely.
• Automation of tasks and communications. By applying automations where possible, your authorized partner will help teams meet deadlines, and save on productions costs and resources.
• Strict security measures. Your precious, confidential data stays secure with robust and tested security measures.
• Ongoing support and training to ensure smooth processes. A big piece of authorized partners’ responsibility includes educating users on the product, and providing long-term support throughout all stages of deployment. You can expect training for any updates or new features added to the CRM.



Why is Zoho CRM the best choice for running my company?

There are thousands of CRMs on the market. Choosing the best CRM for a business can be a challenge. Zoho CRM has been a market leader for small and medium sized businesses for over a decade, and is used by more than 150,000 companies worldwide. The platform manages sales, marketing, and support in a single system, building excellent customer relationships with unique features like marketing automation, sales pipeline automation, analytics, an inbuilt AI sales assistant, and more. Zoho offers a wide variety of CRMs to support all types of users and businesses, including small business CRM, non-profit CRM, and CRM for sales leaders.


The Importance of a Full-Stack Implementation Partner: Why Do I Need One and What Are the Benefits?

Full-stack implementation partners are the bread and butter when it comes to CRM implementation. Full-stack encompasses both the back-end and the front-end. Unlike other implementation partners, which take a hands-off approach when it comes to the internal architecture of a website or business, full-stack implementation partners are with you every step of the way.
Front-end partners are more focused on the eye candy of a business: graphic design, colour scheme, logos, etc. Often, these partners are working with pre-packaged content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla. For businesses looking to follow “the norm,” and choose a pre-existing business model template, this is a fine option.
Full-stack implementation partners; however, work with their customers from start to finish, and have a strong knowledge of database structures and back-end technologies. This allows for a great deal of customization when it comes to the front-end. What’s more, a full-stack partner has a much better understanding of how the CRM works, which can be of huge advantage if the business wishes to make a significant change or grow the business in the future.
Understanding the overlap between a CRM, a business’ web presence, and their marketing initiatives is a big piece of the puzzle. Without the right support, businesses will develop silos and end up with backwards, clunky workflows. A full-stack implementation partner can help with that.
Here are just a few of the many benefits of hiring a full-stack implementation partner:
– If you are migrating from one CMS to another, hiring a full-stack partner is the safest bet. With extensive knowledge of a wide variety of CMS’ and their inner workings, hiring a full-stack partner will ensure the most seamless transition possible.
– A top-tier implementation partner always keeps the end-user experience in mind. This means that everything is geared towards creating happy customers and making long-lasting relationships with new prospects, effectively increasing the likelihood of sales and marketing processes resulting in successful conversions.
– A full-stack partner offers customer support from A to Z. From the smallest of details to the largest of fixes – we’ve got you covered.
– Implementation partners are the masters of their product. Having assisted other businesses adopt the CMS in the past, you can rest assured a full-stack partner will have the technical tools necessary to help you develop a comprehensive plan to achieve your business goals.
– By choosing a full-stack partner, you are setting yourself up for success in the long run. Because of their extensive expertise with the CRM, a full-stack partner can stick with your business long-term and adapt to its growing needs.

5 Zoho CRM Prominent Features

Here are 5 of Zoho CRM’s most prominent features, and what they enable users to accomplish:

1. Sales Pipeline Management

Lead management – Identify, capture, and score leads, and follow up with detailed contact information.

Deal management – Keep track of each lead from start to finish, segment leads based on their current stage in the pipeline, and get metrics on the probability of closing a deal.

Contact management – Organize and keep track of all communication with business contacts (including social media interactions,) and get real-time insights to help improve your strategy.

Workflow automation – Manual work is a thing of the past. Zoho CRM allows users to save time, money, and resources by automating many of the tasks associated with tracking a contact as they move through the sales pipeline.

2. Process Management

Sales process builder – Bring offline sales processes into the CRM and ensure the entire sales team is on the same page with this tool.

Processing rules – Zoho CRM allows you to set up customized rules, like discounts or lead assignments, to accommodate for real-life sales processes.

Review process – Get good, clean data in the CRM to help streamline the lead tracking process.

3. Communication and Networking

Email – Get everything done – including all email communication to clients and prospects – right from Zoho CRM. The platform offers email insights and the ability to associate emails to CRM records.

Telephony – No, this is not a typo. Telephony is a feature within Zoho CRM that allows users to make, schedule, and save phone calls all from within the system.

Social media – Do you ever wonder what people are saying about your brand online? (If you don’t, you definitely should be…) Zoho CRM allows users to track and capture new leads from social media that aren’t already in the CRM.

Customer portals – Increase your chances of converting a prospect by providing a portal through which they can view products and make purchasing decisions.

4. Business Intelligence and Reporting

Reports – Get insights into real-time metrics like marketing campaigns, activity reports, sales trends, and internal team performance with Zoho CRM.

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Analytical components – In Zoho CRM you can create dashboards and track KPIs to stay on top of company goals.

Capabilities – Use the in-depth analytics provided by the CRM to help make smart, data-backed decisions.

5. Remote and Mobile Accessibility

Conduct sales presentations and meetings from anywhere – If your teams work remotely, like most of the world does right now, Zoho CRM has you covered. Users can conduct presentations, host meetings, and organize webinars all from within the platform.

Collaborate with the team from a distance – The CRM allows users to conduct meetings of up to 50 people with crystal-clear video and sound quality. Stay connected, wherever you are.

Sales analytics on-the-go – Track important metrics like KPIs, lead generation, and sales performance across teams from wherever you do your work.

Zoho CRM Mobile Edition – With the mobile edition, you can stay better informed, react to changes, and stay connected with customers and team members from across the globe.

Why Hiring a Zoho Authorized Partner Is Your Best Bet

Zoho CRM is a great choice for any small or medium sized business looking to scale up and centralize marketing and sales efforts. Here are just a few of the services offered by Zoho authorized partners like PaintedRobot:
• Zoho-certified consulting and needs assessment
• Testing, prototyping, and implementation of the CRM
• CRM integration and assistance with migration of data from existing applications (business emails, contacts, content, lead information, prospect scoring, etc.)
• Ongoing support and expert training
• System updates and maintenance
• Additional licensing and services

If adopting a CRM is a dream for your company, but limited people-power and a low budget is holding you back, your best bet is to hire a Zoho authorized partner like PaintedRobot. From start to finish, we take care of your needs, and ensure a seamless, cost-effective solution that promises fast results.

Please read more on the Zoho CRM product, and to learn more about working with PaintedRobot, get in touch with the team today.

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