Case Study

Road Rescue® Marketing Site

A revolution in natural asphalt repair solutions for businesses and individuals.


Road Rescue® Asphalt was a brand sold in retail stores to consumers.
Market research showed a massive opportunity to sell the product directly to businesses across the US.

The Challenge

The brand needed a facelift, new messaging, and specific customer journeys for the newly identified business target audiences.

Numerous businesses and industries could be potential customers. They all needed to know that the product was for them and their individual use cases.

The product is superior to anything currently on the market. Potential customers had to be educated about why Road Rescue® is the best choice for them.

Users needed a resource to show their staff and teams how to properly apply and use the product in the field and on-site to get the best, longest-lasting results.


Organize Journeys by Use Case

With many potential targets, the various website users should be able to quickly and easily see the product is for them.

Show That Natural Asphalt Is Better

Show how Road Rescue® performs better than the competition and that it’s a superior product.

Web Traffic & Conversion Tracking

Configure all web traffic behavior, including leads or online purchases, for advanced tracking and optimization.

Advanced Testing & Optimization

Activate and configure web session recordings, heat maps, A/B testing, and funnel tracking to optimize online sales.

Our Process

Create a Fresh, Modern Brand

Show some of the Use Case section/pages

To be added as showcases from the live site design assets.

Road Rescue vs.
the Competition Page

To be added as showcases from the live site design assets.

Show some of the heat map/sessions/AB Tests

Add some styled screenshots from PageSense


Check Road Rescue® Website

Stop wasting time and money on cold mix dressed up in fancy packaging.
Road Rescue® Asphalt offers businesses direct pricing and superior results.


The transformation of Road Rescue®’s marketing site showcases PaintedRobot’s expertise in digital marketing and website development for physical product brands. By tailoring the website to business sales, we enhanced how customers engage with Road Rescue® Asphalt. Our work focused on new messaging and specific customer journeys, emphasizing the superior benefits of natural asphalt.

We optimized the user experience, allowing visitors to navigate effortlessly and find relevant information quickly, boosting engagement and conversions. Advanced analytics tools like session recordings and A/B testing have maximized site efficiency and provided insights for ongoing improvements.

This case study highlights PaintedRobot’s ability to deliver a powerful, effective website that drives business growth and customer education.