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RockAsphalt Marketing Site

RockAsphalt© replaces cold and hot mix to make road repair of all sizes fast, clean, simple, and permanent the first time.


RockApshalt had an old website that was slow and becoming difficult to work with. They wanted to transition into doing digital marketing and generating inbound marketing revenue but their current site was not designed or developed to support a successful digital marketing effort.

The Challenge

The challenge was to re-work the whole site to clarify RockAsphalt’s offerings. We had to call in their ideal customer in a simple way that showed the value proposition, key features and benefits, and why RockAsphalt is different than the rest of the market. We had to specifically design and build a site that was meant to receive and convert inbound marketing traffic into new leads, deals, and revenue.

The current site had old branding and the content, although informative, was not simplified and linear enough for converting inbound marketing traffic.

The new site would be a major factor in RockAsphalt’s upcoming inbound marketing effort, so the user experience had to be designed with that primary purpose.

We had to understand what users were doing and where we could adjust the copy, elements, page layouts, and journeys to increase conversions over time.


Update Brand & Messaging

Modernize the brand look, feel, and messaging to be simple, clean, clear, and effective for RockAsphalt’s target audiences.

Design for Conversions

Create user journeys to our goals in as few steps as possible while still giving users all the information and validation they need.

Monitor, Test, & Optimize

Configure and monitor all traffic and user behavior to gradually optimize all user experience elements or pages to improve conversions.

Our Process

We Styled & built a modern marketing site with the existing brand Guide & assets

We Created simplified user journeys for conversions

We set up session recording, Heat maps, a/b testing and user monitoring

This allows us to measure monitor, test and continually optimize the site and marketing campaigns improved conversion result,

We watch, Learn & Improve

Where we identify user confusion we clarify or simpify. Where we find users getting caught up or sidetracked from our intended journeys we remove the distractions or change the layout priorities.

We created a mobile friendly application guide

We knew that if Road Crews were more comfortable with the product application and knew how simple proper application was, they would get the best results and re-order more product.

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Application Guide

Explore our Application Guide for key insights and tips on using RockAsphalt©. Perfect your installations with our expert advice


2500+ Leads Created

Leads were created from web and inbound marketing efforts. At the time of this publication, more than 2500 leads had been fed into RockAsphalt’s sales funnel.

$97K/month Closed

Total Closed-Won from original inbound marketing source including repeat orders grew considerably, even with unchanging ad spend.

$500K Repeat Won

Web and inbound marketing efforts saw half a million dollars in total revenue from all orders, including repeat orders.

Inside Closer Rep

RockAsphalt hired a new Inbound-Only Closer role to convert and close inbound leads and deals due to the volume created through the website and marketing effort.


The revitalization of RockAsphalt’s website by PaintedRobot stands as a quintessential example of how digital transformation can propel a business into new realms of market engagement and revenue generation.

The overhaul of RockAsphalt’s website involved a comprehensive re-envisioning of the brand’s online presence, from aesthetics to functionality. This was achieved through a strategic redesign that simplified and streamlined the content layout, making it more conducive to engaging and converting visitors. The newly designed website not only enhanced RockAsphalt’s brand image but also became a pivotal tool in its marketing strategy, contributing to a significant increase in leads and revenue.

This case study is a testament to the transformative power of targeted digital optimization and the importance of a website that meets and anticipates the needs of its users. PaintedRobot’s work with RockAsphalt exemplifies how thoughtful design and strategic digital marketing can create robust pathways for business growth and customer engagement.

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