Bone Brewhouse

Bone Brewhouse has mastered the timeless tradition of slow-simmered, delicious bone broth in either frozen or their new instant bone broth drink.

Custom E-Commerce Website

As part of the launch of their instant bone broth product line, Bone Brewhouse was looking to move to a custom e-commerce checkout experience and a website built to convert web traffic into online sales. Web traffic monitoring was setup to view sessions recordings and report on web traffic behavior for continue optimizing user journeys for higher sales conversions.

Paid Ads and Seo

In a parallel effort, PaintedRobot worked with Bone Brewhouse to conduct in-depth keyword and targeting research and identify optimal platforms to run ads on for the highest return. It was determined that a combination of Facebook/Instagram, Google Ads and Pinterest Ads would provide ideal brand exposure along with SEO optimized recipe posts.



Since launching the new website, PaintedRobot has helped Bone Brewhouse to generate 100s of thousands of brand impressions, soon to be millions, and have increased direct, organic and paid traffic by multitudes which continues to increase new and repeat sales.


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