E-commerce Service

E-Commerce Service

PaintedRobot is a full stack agency offering 360 E-Commerce Service Solutions: Market Research, Site Design and Development, Hosting/Support, User Journey Mapping, SEO and Paid Ads, Traffic and Performance Monitoring and Optimization for continued improvement of conversion goals. 

E-Commerce Service - PaintedRobot.com
E-Commerce Service - PaintedRobot.com
E-Commerce Service - PaintedRobot.com
E-Commerce Service - PaintedRobot.com
E-Commerce Service - PaintedRobot.com
E-Commerce Service - PaintedRobot.com
E-Commerce Service - PaintedRobot.com

How PaintedRobot grows your business with our E-Commerce service strategy:

E-Commerce Service - PaintedRobot.com
Understand your Counsumer

With user journeys and defined engagement goals crafted for your specific target audience.
The design needs to be simple, beautiful and based on statistical best practices to get the best results.

E-Commerce Service - PaintedRobot.com
Scale your E-Commerce

With a tech stack that can grow with you
and that will never limit your business.
You need speed, performance and reliability so that sales continue uninterrupted.

E-Commerce Service - PaintedRobot.com
Measure what matters

View traffic behavior and optimize your site for improved sales conversions. Watch revenue of each campaign to know your ROI on time and marketing spend. Measure, Review, Change, Grow.

What makes our full-service
E-Commerce agency different?

We understand all individual components of E-commerce efforts and we bring it all together as one connected workflow.

E-Commerce Service - PaintedRobot.com

E-Commerce Service - Discovery Process

Our team will do a deep dive into your products/services & target audiences in order to learn about your goals and identify revenue opportunities. In this Discovery phase, we’ll look at analytics, conduct user-testing, and explore new creative directions. As a result, we will have an e-commerce growth plan that allows us to determine the right approach for best results.

E-commerce Service -Technology Planning

Based on your goals we can build your website on one of the many platforms available for e-commerce. But what is the best e-commerce platform for my business? Our senior solution engineers can help to identify the right technology for your e-commerce store, help with your hosting or even migrate your e-commerce to the right platform for your business. We’ll present the pros and cons and the associated investment and plan for execution.

– Technology Consulting
– Platform Selection
– Lauch Strategy

E-Commerce Service - PaintedRobot.com
E-Commerce Service - PaintedRobot.com

Creative & Content

Your site needs to look great and be simple for your users to journey to their conversion goals. This requires the right layout, the right design and the right copy. This also requires that you measure test and optimize based on user data. 

  • UX/UI Design
  • User Traffic Analytics
  • A/B Testing & Optimization

We’re experts when it comes to CMS and E-Commerce platforms.

Not only that, we can migrate you from one to the other
based on your needs.

Tell us about your


We listen. We build. We improve.

E-Commerce Service - PaintedRobot.com

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