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Grants Up To $50,000 Digital Adoption and Digital Accessibility

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How can PaintedRobot help you take advantage?

Digital transformation is the key to Canada’s long term economic success, and businesses all over Canada are taking advantage of government funding opportunities that promote digital adoption and digital accessibility initiatives. PaintedRobot is here to help you future-proof your business, providing all the tools and services you’ll need to apply for the latest tech-focused grants and implement your digital transformation plan. We’ll make applying easier than ever with our grant-writing services, and can jumpstart your digital evolution when the time has come to execute your vision.

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Get up to $50,000

Canadian Government
Grant Program

This month, the Province of Manitoba is distributing grants of up to $50,000 to local businesses that want to enhance the digital accessibility of their services. Make your business and your community better by taking advantage of this opportunity. And don’t worry, PaintedRobot can help you with that!


What initiatives are eligible
for funding?

Applicable projects include rebuilding your website to meet accessible web design standards, developing a useful mobile app with inclusivity in mind, or removing barriers to access your brand’s resources and information by upgrading your content and operation management systems.

Just to name a few.

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Web Services
Rebuilding your website to meet accessible web design standards.
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Mobile Apps
Developing a useful mobile app with inclusivity in mind.
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ERP Updates
Rebuilding your website to meet accessible web design standards.
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The deadline is
APRIL 15, 2022

So if you’ve got a great digitally inclusive project idea or even just think your business could better benefit your community with these funds, connect with us at PaintedRobot! We’re happy to help you put together your application every step of the way, from program development to grant writing, and have all the business solutions and digital asset production services you need to implement your vision.


Eligible applicants must have been in operation for one year prior to application and include:

  • non-profit organizations

  • registered charities

  • non-profit organizations incorporated and registered with the Companies Office

  • non-profit organizations that have a bank account and can verify activity for at least one year

  • local businesses or corporations based in Manitoba providing services to Manitobans that are registered with the Companies Office

  • municipalities and local authorities, such as planning districts and Northern Affairs

  • Community Councils

  • on-reserve businesses and organizations

  • universities, colleges and school divisions

Ineligible Applicants

  • organizations not located and operating in Manitoba

  • franchises not locally owned

  • residential rental properties

  • businesses considered closed to the public

  • Crown corporations

  • Individuals

The Manitoba Accessibility Fund will distribute $750,000 in funding to Manitoba businesses by providing grants of up to $50,000 for digital accessibility initiatives in the areas of:

  • Customer Service (ie: Removing barriers to access digital resources, communications and information.)

  • Employment (ie: Enabling the development of barrier-free recruiting, hiring and training programs.)

  • Information and Communications (ie: By removing barriers to access resources and information available electronically, in print and in person.)

Project proposals must include one or more of the following objectives:

  • Raising awareness about preventing and removing digital barriers to access.

  • Developing tools, resources and training in compliance with the Accessibility for Manitobans Act.

  • Removing barriers to access digital resources, information and communications. 

Applications will be judged according to the following criteria, including but not limited to:

⦁ Work plan, budget and results: Does the project set out clear steps within a reasonable timeframe and budget? Does the project identify reasonable results and a means of evaluating these? PaintedRobot will help you develop your program criteria, budget and set up data tracking to ensure key metrics can be analyzed to determine the success of your initiative.

⦁ Inclusion: Has the applicant integrated the expertise of Manitobans disabled by barriers in the development, delivery and/or evaluation of the project? Will the project engage a significant number of people and/or organizations? PaintedRobot can help you mobilize your mailing list to ensure that the needs of disabled community members are being targeted by your proposed program, through customer feedback surveys, conducting discoveries and more.

⦁ Impact: Will the proposed project enhance accessibility awareness and compliance with the AMA? Will the project benefit a significant number of people or serve as a model for other organizations? Does the project target an underserved population or region? PaintedRobot will ensure that your program aligns with AMA regulations, meets all application criteria, and can set up data tracking and analysis reports to determine how your target demographic has been impacted by your digital accessibility program.

⦁ Other considerations: Depending upon demand, priority will be given to projects that demonstrate innovation, respond to identified needs and promote accessibility beyond the funding period. At PaintedRobot, tech innovation is what we do best. We can help you ideate and implement innovative business solutions created with digital accessibility in mind, like designing accessible mobile applications, interactive media platforms, custom digital tools and more.

PaintedRobot can help you every step of the way, from application to execution.

We are excited to offer grant-writing and program development services. Our team of skilled writers and program developers can help you craft the best messaging strategy for your application, and help you outline a budget for your proposed project.

If you believe that your business could better your community with these funds but don’t have a specific program in mind, connect with us to discuss what kinds of digital accessibility initiatives would be the most effective for your business.

Once your application has been submitted (by April 14, 2022), we can implement your digital accessibility project. Whether it involves upgrading your existing website to meet digital accessibility web design standards or creating custom online tools and interactive media platforms that remove barriers enabling those with disabilities to access important resources and information. Connect with us today, and let’s talk about how we can help your business and make Manitoba more digitally accessible, for all.

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Let’s make Manitoba’s digital sphere more accessible, so everyone can benefit from our valuable information and resources, equally.
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