360 Solution | Summer 2020 – Present

Key Metrix

From design and development all the way through to sales and operations

Alytx-powered by Key Metrix.

Key Metrix had a vision and a tool (Alytx) to revolutionize rehabilitation outcomes with objective data. The issue was they needed branding, a beautiful lead generation website, an integrated CRM and business suite, digital marketing, process automation and ongoing support for all of it. They needed a full stack agency who could handle all digital tasks and projects. Enter PaintedRobot. The rest is history in the making.

Demos Presentations Documentation

Email Marketing Paid Ads

Business Tools
Projects Email/Drive
Customer Support


Grow Sales

Drive traffic to their website and events. Increase leads and opportunities into their sales funnel. Acquire more customers and grow sales.

Smart Sales Funnel

Run a smart CRM sales funnel that does the heavy lifting for the team. As a start up Key Metrix needs software to do more of the work for less to remove as much manual effort as possible.

Integrated Tools

Setup business tools to run business operations, support customers, organize information and data, communicate/share and mange process more efficiently.


  • Leads and Opportunities from Web Traffic
  • Custom Campaigns and Events Running
  • SEO, Content, Paid Ads Research and Setup
  • Projects and Task Management Integrated
  • CRM Custom Automations Running
  • Smart Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media Posting Tools and Plan
  • Support Desk Configured and Connected

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