Top 5 Things You Should Never Do on Social Media (And What to Do Instead)

Most business owners have a basic understanding of social media etiquette: don’t post content with profane language, don’t plagiarize or reference a source without attribution, and certainly don’t enter political discussions online. This stuff is common sense. What if we told you that there are 5 common social media faux pas most businesses are guilty of, but don’t know it?

In today’s blog, we’ll highlight some of the surprising things you should never do on social media, and what to do instead:

1. Posting the Same Message on All Channels

Have you ever tweeted something about your cat, and then copy and pasted that exact same tweet into Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn? You probably haven’t, because it’s lazy, weird, and ineffective. Now imagine how you might feel if your favourite brand did the exact same thing. You can see how this effort to cut corners and save time can quickly unravel and make a company look inauthentic and untrustworthy. The copy-paste function is a major no-no when it comes to posting on social. Don’t be lazy. You can re-use the same content, but give it a unique spin on each social media platform. Rewrite the phrase, add a new photograph, or come up with a different call to action to keep the content fresh. The audience will appreciate you for it, and be more likely to interact with the brand online.

2. Deleting Negative or Unfavorable Comments

Customers sometimes write bad reviews. It happens. Whether someone was having a bad day, or the incident was a complete fluke, we recommend keeping all comments that roll through social media channels – even if they’re negative. Instead of suppressing the negative comment, take it as an opportunity to reach out to the individual and try to resolve the problem. It shows that you care about customers, and go that extra mile to ensure their happiness and satisfaction. The exception to this rule, of course, is if a post contains derogatory language or an inflammatory statement. In this case, it’s reasonable to delete and unfriend.

3. Using Your Company Name as a Hashtag

Contrary to popular belief, hashtagging one’s company name serves no purpose. In fact, it is often seen as a desperate attempt to gain followers, and can turn new visitors off completely. Instead, do some research and check out what people are talking about in the world with tools like Google Trends. Hot tip: if you can find a way to tie your product or service in with a trending hashtag, and use that in the post (even if it has nothing to do with the brand), you can experience sky-high visitor rates.

4. Only Posting Salesy Content

People follow brands on social media for more than just their products. Often, it’s because they like the brand and what it stands for. It’s important to post a healthy mix of both sales-oriented and personable content on social channels. To do this effectively, consider crafting a social media communication agenda, by which you define the number posts to go out each week, and what type of content each post will contain. By taking time to show the brand’s personality online, you gain the trust of the audience, and help build a community around the brand.

5. Winging It

A major faux pas when it comes to social media is the idea that you can just “wing it.” Social platforms are often interpreted as casual spaces where informal discussion can take place. This is sometimes true, but it doesn’t take professionalism and attention to detail out of the mix. The content within a social media post should be treated the same as the content on the homepage of a website. Pay attention to spelling and grammar, and always ensure someone is around to double-check your work. Clean, professional content is important in maintaining a professional image in the eyes of customers.

Social media is a great marketing tool. It can help boost business, build the brand, and strengthen the relationship with customers and prospects. Today we’ve covered 5 important things you should never do on social platforms. Apply them to your strategy and we guarantee you’ll have better returns, and a higher likelihood of converting new customers.

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