6 Low-Budget Creative Marketing Ideas

In the COVID-19 era, most businesses are forced to consider low-budget marketing alternatives. Many marketing budgets have been reduced to just a fraction of what they once were. Despite this change, there are many economically friendly and effective things your team can do to promote the business. In this article, we’ll explore 6 low-budget creative marketing ideas to help your company stay afloat in this uncertain business landscape:

1. Develop Business Partnerships for Cross-Promotion
Cross-promotion is the perfect marketing tactic because it expands the reach of your brand and product and while gaining access to new audiences. Other brands are eager to participate because the prospect of having their products or services shared by another company is equally as appealing (you’re not the only business cutting back costs this fiscal year). A note of caution: always do your research before jumping into a new partnership. Be sure to choose companies with values similar to your own. Consider the other company’s size, motivations, and target audience.
Here are a few specific examples of cross-promotion with other companies:
• Co-host a webinar or podcast
• Write joint newsletters, blogs, or whitepapers
• Write an e-book together
• Share articles about or written by your business partner on social media

2. Get Involved with the Local Community
Gaining the trust, respect, and recognition of the local community is a crucial first step to diving into any national or international audience. Local marketing is an effective and inexpensive way to build the brand and get your company recognized in your region. Here are a few ideas for local marketing:
• Set up detailed location targeting in Google AdWords
• Add a “get directions” button and a map to the contact page on your site
• Optimize your Google business profile page with local information
• Optimize local SEO

3. Apply for Business Awards
Whether your company sells software or shoes, there are a surplus of business awards out there just waiting to be claimed. Most local business networks offer a variety of awards, affiliations, and accolades for start-ups, companies launching unique projects, or those with an original business idea. Once granted, many awards come with official badges or certificates. Increase your worth and credibility by posting these on the website and on social media channels. 

4. Offer to Speak or Share Content at Events
Each member of your team is an expert at something. Whether it’s knowing the technical details of a tractor engine, or understand how to execute a top-notch email marketing campaign, this is valuable information, and something that can be used to share and market the company, product, or service externally. To get the word out about your company, consider offering your time as a guest speaker, blogger, or contributor to events in the industry.

5. Brand Your Vehicle
Despite most marketing efforts moving online, there is something to be said for traditional, boots-on-the-ground initiatives. Branding a vehicle is a fast, easy way to, again and again, share your brand with people in the local community. The design should be eye-catching and explain clearly what the company does and how to get in touch.

6. Host a Webinar or Podcast
Hosting a webinar is easy; all it takes is a smartphone or laptop with a microphone, an intriguing topic, and a little direction from the marketing team. Choose a topic you are knowledgeable about, or consider inviting an industry leader to co-host. By advertising this webinar on social media platforms, you have the potential to reach a brand-new audience. When people see something that is interesting or relevant to them on social media, they are likely to share it with others.
A cut in the marketing budget often makes people panic. Thankfully, there are a handful of inexpensive and effective creative marketing ideas at your disposal. Read more articles from PaintedRobot for other marketing ideas, tips and tricks, and best practices.

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