When digital marketing is done well, businesses grow. We’ll help you find your next piece of the puzzle– without drowning your leaders in job applications.

Hiring quickly becomes a major hassle for growing and scaling businesses.

The Challenges

If you are going to grow, you need the right people doing the right jobs, and you need more of them.


Hiring Takes Time and Resources

Finding the right people takes a lot of manpower and demands significant management time.

Hiring Is Difficult to Streamline

Keeping track of potential candidates can be overwhelming and chaotic.

It’s Hard to Find and Keep Good People

Retaining quality staff is difficult no matter what field of business you’re in.

The Reality

You need to find the right team members to help you break through the different stages of business growth.

You Need People to Sell and Grow

Growing sales means a growing business. Good salespeople will share your vision and be focused on growth.

You Need People to Produce and Meet Demand

Big growth goals mean meeting big demand, and you need people to reliably deliver and help get you there.

You Need People to Manage People and Processes

Good management comes from great staff who understand the importance of implementing processes.

The Solution

Smart Recruitment

Smart Recruitment empowers your business to hire more of the right people with less time and money.

Self Serve Video Interviews

Candidates go through stage 1 video interviews without your team having to be involved.

Job and Candidate Management

A centralized tool and database to manage job postings and candidate applications.

Hiring Stages and Task Assignment

Walk all candidates through the different qualifications and stages you require and delegate accordingly to your team.

Integration with Job Boards

Post your jobs to the most popular job boards right from your recruitment tool.

Integration with your Website

Sync job postings and applications with your website’s Careers Page for more visibility.

Automated Workflows

Automate notifications, assignments, and next steps from job postings all the way to contracts and onboarding.

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