About PaintedRobot

A Bit of Brilliance at Your Service

Our goal is to exceed your expectations of what a boutique digital agency could do for your business’s growth and optimization.

About PaintedRobot

A Bit of Brilliance at Your Service

Our goal is to exceed your expectations of what a boutique digital agency could do for your business’s growth and optimization.

We built the digital agency we knew businesses needed.

Our client partnerships:

Who, What, Why

We are a lean and mighty team of digital marketers, developers, designers, and content creators with hearts for helping small and medium businesses grow. We understand the value of our client’s dollar, and we put it to work, getting them a meaningful return.



We partner with small and medium businesses that have worked hard to establish themselves and understand the value a digital agency brings to the table. We’re just as focused on your growth as you are.



We are a full-stack agency specializing in digital marketing, marketing websites, e-commerce, CRM systems, hiring automation, and business analytics. We believe all of your sales and marketing efforts should be linked, and we’re here to make that happen.



Our clients have great products and services, and we help them keep their focus where it belongs. They can’t do what we do, and they know they need a cohesive team to manage their web, marketing, and ERP. We take the wheel. We get them, and we’ve got them.

Painted Principles

Small/Medium Business Matters for Communities and Economies

SMBs are the backbone of local economies. We champion their growth, knowing their success fuels community prosperity.

Simple Is Smart and Unnecessary Complexity Is Not

We value clarity and efficiency, stripping away clutter to focus on what truly adds value and moves the needle.

Clear, Honest, and Straight Forward Communication

We speak plainly and truthfully, to make sure our messages are understood internally and among our clients.

Continuous Growth and Improvement

Every day offers a new chance to be better. We embrace learning and evolving to keep our edge sharp.

We Care About the Quality and Outcomes of Our Work

Excellence is non-negotiable. We deliver outstanding results that make real differences for our clients.

Love Your Work, Like Your Job, Have a Life

Work passionately, enjoy your role, and maintain balance. Happy teams lead to happy clients.

Knowledge with Focus Compounds Faster

Focused expertise accelerates progress. We cultivate a deep understanding of our specialties to amplify success.

Cross Training and Knowledge Are Better than Silos

We believe in shared knowledge and versatility, breaking down silos to foster innovation and teamwork.

We Measure, Record, and Stay Accountable

Transparency guides us. We track our actions and outcomes, always holding ourselves accountable to the best possible product.

We’ve got some magic cooking.

The PaintedRobot squad is a unique combination of business and technology-minded marketers. Together, we are a team of specialists focused on understanding your needs, helping you reach your goals faster, and driving leads for business growth.

We help businesses grow and automate.

We know most small and medium business owners have committed countless hours to developing their products and services. They have not had the energy to keep up with web, marketing, and business tool technologies — and that’s okay.

Our team lives and breathes the most current tools available. Our tools, experience, and brains are at your service when you’re our client.

We understand business and business owners.

PaintedRobot is not a typical marketing technology agency.

Our roots are in sales and operation and we built a technology company on that foundation. Our digital solutions are different because we know businesses need more than flashing lights to claim their stake.

We think and talk like business owners just like you.

We are here to make our clients money. Period.

We understand this simple truth, and we love a clearly defined goal. Our clients pay us to create solutions that give them a return on investment or improve their bottom line. Your goal is our goal.

With our full stack, you only need one technology partner.

We understand the time suck of juggling multiple agencies, each working in their own silo. As a fully integrated digital agency, we eliminate the need for separate partners to fulfill individual roles. We connect all the dots and bring them together under one roof.

Meet Our Team

  • Chief Executive Officer

    Devon Leis

    Devon has over 15 years of experience in operations and management. His roles have included a Branch Manager, Inventory Manager/Buyer, Inside Sales and Customer Service Representative, and Light Rail Controller. Devon is passionate about demystifying digital marketing for small and medium businesses. He is a business owner first and thrives on helping businesses grow and scale.

  • Marketing Manager

    Katie Pangborn

    Katie is a digital marketer with a heart for copywriting. She has been crafting content since the early ’90s on a second-hand Windows 3.0 PC, creating animal think pieces and a kids’ magazine for her neighbors (that she has never lived down). This same passion has transformed into a 10+ year career of telling compelling, clickable, conversion-worthy brand stories for companies.

  • Paid Ads Specialist

    Sebastian Farago

    Sebastian is our in-house Google Ads Expert. He’s run hundreds of successful Google Ads campaigns and has worked with a number of agencies from the US, UK, and Canada. He loves analyzing marketing data and gets a special kick from seeing clients’ conversion charts going up.

  • ERP/Zoho Integration Manager

    Steve Slothouber

    Steve has over a decade of experience leading and managing large, multi-disciplinary projects in Industrial Automation. With a background in software, his technical expertise and management experience help him drive projects to success. Steve’s role is to keep the information flowing by making the connections that turn leads into deals for our clients.

  • Senior UX designer

    Sara Boufatma

    Sara is a senior UX designer with roots in the tech industry. Focusing on making complex things simple, she has spent her career designing websites and applications that are delightful to interact with and easy to use. When she’s not busy making the web more user-friendly, you can find her hiking or exploring new places.

  • Full Stack Developer

    Josi Martins

    Josi is a full stack developer with over a decade of experience building websites, landing pages, and SaaS products. Her expertise is bringing websites to life using WordPress or pure HTML/CSS. Her background and degree in Graphic Design help her bring a “pixel-perfect” mindset to every client project.

  • Mechanical Prototyping Engineer

    Ridham Goyal

    Ridham is a student at The University of Waterloo with a major in Mechatronics Engineering. With experience in 3D printing, laser cutting and prototyping, Ridham’s role includes starting a prototyping center at PaintedRobot.