How a B2B Marketing Agency Maximizes ROI for Your Business

The Difference A B2B Marketing Agency Can Make For You

Every business is unique, so their requirements and challenges will vary depending on the individual circumstances. The expertise of a B2B marketing agency lies in their ability to create custom solutions for clients based on their knowledge and experience in both the field and of their clients’ specific needs. The decision to work alongside a B2B marketing agency can be very beneficial to businesses whose goal is to maximize ROI, and who doesn’t want that?! In this article we will touch on a few of the ways employing a B2B marketing agency can be advantageous for your business and help you achieve your goals faster.

Setting Up A Strategy

Foremost, when beginning the strategic phase, a B2B marketing agency works to understand the full scope of the clients’ business, often referred to as ‘client discovery’. Key components such as, target audience, market landscape, and goals are assessed and act as the foundation for setting up a comprehensive B2B marketing strategy. Another essential element in strategizing a marketing plan is target audience analysis. B2B marketing agencies will often create detailed buyer personas that embody the ideal customer. This is done by gathering information such as their motivations, pain points, interests, demographics, and what drives their decision-making process. 

Experience With b2b Marketing Platforms 

Another advantage to employing a B2B marketing agency is the experience they have working with various marketing platforms to both execute and optimize clients’ strategies. Some common marketing platforms a B2B marketing agency is experienced in are; CRM systems, marketing automation platforms, content management systems, advertising and email marketing platforms, social media management tools, and analytics/reporting tools. 

Advertising platforms like LinkedIn Ad and Google ads are used in B2B marketing strategies to create targeted campaigns that leverage these platforms advanced targeting options and ability to reach the desired B2B audience effectively. It is also important to remember that the tactics and platforms used by a B2B marketing agency will vary depending on the client needs and industry focus, and they must work to leverage the most effective tools for their overall success.  

Optimizing Your Companies Sales Funnel
There are many strategies a B2B marketing agency may implement to optimize a company’s sales funnel that enhance lead generation and increase conversion rates. One effective tactic used is targeted lead generation, which involves generating higher-quality leads that have an increased likelihood of a conversion. To generate targeted leads and attract the right prospects, lead generation tactics such as, SEO, paid advertising, content marketing, and account-based marketing are used.
Lead scoring and nurturing are two other strategies a B2B marketing agency will often implement to optimize the sales funnel further. The lead scoring and qualification process prioritize leads based on their level of interest and readiness to buy. Marketing automation tools are used to assign “lead scores” that identify the most qualified leads for the sales team to focus on. Lead nurturing is implemented with this hand-in-hand through personalized content and marketing automation. This type of nurturing keeps leads engaged, builds trust, and moves them closer to making a purchase, effectively closing more deals. 
Another way agencies optimize a company’s sales funnel is by identifying areas of improvement in order to increase conversion rates. A/B testing is implemented to test variations of headlines, images, copy and messaging to evaluate their performance, engagement, and consumer response. 
A well-tuned CRM
Setting up a well-tuned CRM that aligns with client objectives and improves customer management is crucial in optimizing the sales and marketing process. 
A B2B marketing agency must first define the objectives of the CRM by identifying the clients’ desired outcomes such as; enhancing customer service, streamlining the sales process, or improving lead management. Once this has been established, the agency must evaluate the most suitable CRM platform based on budget and objectives. Popular platforms are Salesforce, Zoho CRM, HubSpot, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Factors to consider when choosing the right CRM platform include; user-friendliness, available features, and integration capabilities based on the clients needs. Integration with any current accounting software, customer support tools and marketing automation are key to implementing a well-tuned CRM system. 
Full integration enhances cross-functional collaboration, allows for efficient data exchange and eliminates data silos.

Optimizing Lead Quality

As previously discussed, lead scoring and qualification are a key component to optimizing and prioritizing the quality of leads. By evaluating leads based on specific criteria and nurturing the most qualified ones, the agency can focus the efforts of the sales team on the leads most likely to convert. 

Landing page optimization is another tactic agencies employ to optimize lead quality for their clients. Targeted landing pages created with compelling and clear calls-to-action allow agencies to gather valuable information and pre-qualify leads based on their level of interest in the content. 

Discovering New Audiences
Identifying and reaching untapped markets should be included in a marketing strategy any reputable B2B marketing agency offers their clients. As mentioned above, thorough market research and persona development are essential to assessing and understanding existing target audience groups. Customer segmentation is another way agencies further analyze and segment their existing customer base. New patterns and potential new audiences can be identified by segmenting customers that share similar characteristics and needs based on their preferences, demographics, pain points and behaviors. 
B2B marketing agencies can also discover new audiences through competitive analysis. By analyzing the target audience and competitors’ approach, gaps and opportunities can be identified within the market. Untapped or overlooked audience segments are often revealed by studying the competitors’ customer base, allowing a B2B agency to effectively tailor their clients’ strategies toward these new audiences. 
Measuring Results With Your Goals In Mind
An effective marketing strategy should always come full circle, revisiting the initial goals of your efforts to measure results accurately.  A B2B marketing agency may look to multiple indicators to measure results are aligned with client goals. KPI’s (key performance indicators) are established as a benchmark for success. These key indicators can include anything from conversion rates, qualified leads generated, website traffic/engagement, and customer retention. 
Data tracking and analytics are essential to measure the success and monitor outcomes of any marketing campaign. Google Analytics and CRM systems are some of the most effective tools highlighting the results of your efforts. Conversion tracking (and tracking the customer journey) can also be implemented to measure the effectiveness of marketing channels and campaigns in driving the desired outcomes. 
Which brings us back to the beginning, how a B2B marketing agency maximizes ROI for your business. An agency calculates the cost per lead or acquisition to evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing efforts. ROI can be determined by comparing the investment made with the generated revenue or desired outcomes. A B2B marketing agency specializes in ensuring the clients’ goals align with results in the end. 
Always be sure when partnering with a B2B marketing agency that you are clear about your goals as a company and the results you aim to achieve through your efforts. 

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