Sales, Marketing, Project Management, Automation and Reporting

Connected digital business tools to grow and manage your company as a unified effort

More & Better Traffic

Drive qualified traffic to your website through social and paid ad campaigns.

Improved User Experience

Guide traffic through a user experience built for conversions.

Track Success

Measure all areas of your sales and marketing effort and adjust for sales growth.

Manage Leads

Push your qualified leads into a CRM to track activity and close sales.

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Manage your sales funnel like a boss.

CRM software is a technology that helps businesses build, maintain, and scale their relationships with their current and future customers. At its core, CRM holds all your customer data in one place and acts as an indispensable source of information for your entire organization.

Starting from the point when a lead discovers your product or service to the moment that you close them as a deal, CRM brings greater visibility into an organization’s processes and plays a vital role in offering a unified and measured sales pipleline to take sales to the next level.

Lead Management

Contact Management

Measure sales results

Deal Management

Empower your Sales Team

Automate repetitive actions

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What CRM can do for your business?

If you’re finding it hard to manage sales, marketing, and customer relations, maybe it’s time you upgraded to sophisticated, all-inclusive business software like Zoho CRM.

Empower and Measure Sales Performance

Record Leads and Potentials. Manage tasks, calls and meetings and keep all information about each opportunity and each sales rep organized and in context. Zoho CRM gives owners, managers and sales reps the knowledge, accountability and edge they need to succeed.

Automate Sales Process

Help your team stay productive by defining and building automated and efficient processes for your team and sales funnel. Zoho CRM can help you ensure that standards are followed, processes are executed and results are measured for review and improvement.

Tactical Decision Making

Zoho CRM organizes your team and gives decision-makers accurate data from across your organization using analytics and reports so they can react to team performance, campaign results and market trends or shifts.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure

Data Security and Compliance

You can rest assured that your customer data is safe in Zoho CRM data centers, safeguarded by top-of-the-line physical and digital security mechanisms.

Mobile Accessibility

Zoho CRM’s mobile app empowers your team to generate leads, manage tasks/communication and close deals all from their mobile.

– real time insight into sales team
– real time collaboration in context
– It’s sales reps 2.0

Better Service

Zoho CRM arms your team with all the historical data of a customer, as well as information regarding similar issues faced by others which helps your team resolve customer inquiries quickly, ensuring they leave satisfied.

Privacy, Security, and Peace of Mind Included.

Zoho is firmly committed to customer privacy, and data security. It is our utmost priority to keep your data safe and available to you whenever and wherever you need it.

Have any question about how to keep your data security?

Integrated Apps to Improve Every Process

Zoho One has over 40 applications to run your business. Get your work done from any browser, from anywhere.

Sales & Marketing

Give your sales team the perfect set of apps to help close more business deals in less time.

Remote Teams

Empower your workforce with apps to collaborate and transform the way they work.


Optimize your processes with powerful tools to fit your unique operational needs.

The most comprehensive suite of business applications at an unbelievable price.


/employee/month billed annually
Must purchase a license for ALL employees*


If it’s not measured
it’s not managed.

Be in the know about your business.

Zoho Analytics is a self-service BI and data analytics software that lets you visually analyze your data, create stunning data visualizations and discover hidden insights.

All company data.
One reporting tool.

Get data from a wide range of sources. Blend them together to create cross-functional reports and dashboards, to view your business health across departments and tools.

View your data
your way.

Create reports and dashboards to view your data the way you want. Find correlations or gain insights to make smarter data-driven decisions.


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Painted Robot has been a huge benefit to The Upside. Their ability to think of ‘outside the box’ solutions (as our business model is very unique in places), and their work ethic has provided consistently positive results. We feel we’ve found a trusted technology partner to, not only, get us through the ups and downs of a business based on the functionality of our website, but to brainstorm & implement ideas for future growth. 

Ryan McCaffrey
Digital Marketing Director

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