Boost Business with These 5 Creative Marketing Ideas

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Marketing is an art

Like any art form, it takes patience, experience, and dedication to master. The most successful companies are those with a creative genius at the helm of their marketing strategy, who injects spirit and innovation into each initiative. Creativity in marketing is important because it is what makes a company memorable. From the digital marketing experts at PaintedRobot, here are a handful of creative marketing ideas to help win the hearts of customers:

1. Reuse Content

Many companies have a treasure trove of content in their repertoire and don’t even know it. If you’ve ever given a presentation at a conference, hosted a webinar, or published a blog, you have reusable content at your fingertips. Here are just a few ways you can re-purpose old content:
• Transcribe a webinar and turn it into a long-form blog
• Re-write an old blog with a fresh spin and publish it as new content
• Write an “event recap” following an in-person or virtual event
• Turn existing content into a podcast or webinar
• Turn internal data into a case study

2. Promote Social Media Handles in Person

The real world and the digital world are not mutually exclusive. Those who frequent a company’s social media page and like, share, and comment on content are not algorithms or robots. They are real people. Real people who order coffee, attend conferences, listen to webinars, and peruse your website. Word-of-mouth is equally as effective as using digital methods for promoting social media, whether it is at an event, a conference, or a casual meeting. Don’t be shy – use any opportunity you can to promote your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook handles and usernames.

3. Launch an On-Brand Newsletter Series

A great way to build a brand and bond with customers and prospects is by launching a newsletter series unique to the company. First, determine what it is that makes the company exceptional – is it the product? The team? The customer service? Next, determine the personality of the brand – are you serious? Funny? Quirky? And finally, consider the audience and their expectations. With this in mind, one can create a newsletter that lands well with the audience and generates intrigue about the brand.

4. Creative Marketing Ideas with Infographics

If we know one thing for certain it’s that the world loves infographics. Humans are visual learners, meaning we have a much easier time absorbing information when it is presented in the form of an illustration, photo, or graphic. You can use infographics to help explain an otherwise complicated product or service, or to better elucidate a concept presented in a blog or article. When posted to social media, posts with infographics generate significantly more traffic and engagement than text-only posts.

There are some great tools online for making infographics. One tool we like at PaintedRobot is the Inforgraphic tool at Visme. Check out their article, How to make an Infographic for more information.

5. Host Contests Online

In the age of COVID, we are seeing a huge shift towards virtual conferences and events. This eliminates a large portion of the costs associated with travel and accommodation. A great way to reallocate these funds is by putting resources into creative marketing ideas by hosting contests on social media channels. It’s one of the best ways to engage with the audience, and generate brand awareness. When people comment, like, or share the contest, social media algorithms make it more likely to pop up in relevant users’ feeds.
When it comes to marketing in the digital age, the competition is fierce. The best way to get ahead is by thinking outside the box, and bringing new ideas to the table. 

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