The Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Team

Hiring a Digital Marketing Team

For smaller businesses, hiring a full-service digital marketing team can be intimidating. It’s a long-term, and potentially costly commitment. The truth is that nothing matters more than getting new customers to your site, and marketing is the way to do it. With a small team and limited resources, prioritizing marketing over other business development efforts can be challenging.
If you have a small, close-knit team that tends to favour the “DIY ethos,” we totally get it. There are a few things; however, that shouldn’t be learned through YouTube tutorials and how-to articles. From the digital marketing experts at PaintedRobot, here are a few benefits of hiring a full-service marketing team for small and medium-sized businesses:

You Can Hire for Your Specific Needs

When hiring an external marketing firm, you have the luxury of choice. After determining the needs and goals of the company, you can take the time to research multiple digital marketing agencies and pick the one that suits you best. No two marketing teams are alike: some offer a handful of services and help companies in all industries, whereas others focus in one area, like SEO or web design, and are experts in one or two niche industries. By choosing a company that aligns with your company values and goals, you set yourself up for nothing but success, and a seamless deployment of any strategy.

You Remain in Control

As a small business owner, you’ve worked hard to get where you are. You take pride in your team, in your office, and in your accomplishments. For some, it can be difficult to let go of certain parts of the business. Digital marketing agencies like PaintedRobot provide full transparency when it comes to your digital marketing strategy so you can hand us over the project with 100% confidence. An initial set of meetings will determine your long and short-term goals, and help the marketing team have a better understating of your expectations. Once the strategy is launched, expect full detailed reports and absolute forthrightness from those in charge of the effort.

You Save Money

The alternative to hiring an external firm is to hire a handful of new employees, or to train existing employees by teaching the appropriate skills. At the onset, hiring someone in-house may seem like the way to go. But this requires more than hiring just one marketing manager. To do the quantity and caliber of job done by a marketing team takes not only one marketing manager but a web designer, copy writer, graphic designer, content writer, and social media manager (just to name a few). Full-service digital marketing companies are equipped with the skills and tools necessary for producing the best possible marketing strategy for your small or medium-sized business. What may seem like a large initial cost is nothing to the ROI it will produce both long and short term.

It’s an Opportunity to Try New Ideas

Change is a good thing, even if we are sometimes reluctant to allow for it. Hiring a marketing team means accessing a treasure trove of ideas backed by years of experience. A digital marketing agency works with clients to determine the needs of their audience. From there, they use their vast expertise to pitch fresh, new ideas to give your business that edge it merits. This is your opportunity to assess the business plan from a whole new perspective.
As a small or medium-sized business, it’s important to market your business the right way. Each business has unique qualities, it just sometimes takes an experienced marketing team to notice them and bring them to the forefront. To learn more about how your business can benefit from hiring a digital marketing team, get in touch with the PaintedRobot team today!

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