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The way businesses host events has changed drastically in the last few years. From halls packed with people to virtual…

The way businesses host events has changed drastically in the last few years. From halls packed with people to virtual conference rooms accessible by mobile phone – we have all had to adapt to a “new normal”. The concept of a virtual event planner has taken the world by storm. Hosting a virtual event – and hosting it well – is a task many businesses may find daunting.

With the Zoho Backstage virtual events platform, businesses give customers an experience with all the bells and whistles that come with an in-person event – top-shelf technology. Live events that run like a top, contests and prizes, and that “community feel” that is so important for attendees!

An All-Around Virtual Event Planner

Zoho’s virtual event planner gives you everything you need to host the year’s best virtual event – from ticket and registration to interactive sessions with presenters and other attendees. When it comes to hosting an online event, convenience and accessibility are of key importance. Zoho Backstage offers all the tools and apps for hosting your event from one centralized location. Whether you are running a conference, product launch, or team meetup, Zoho’s virtual event planner is built to integrate seamlessly.

Here are just a few of the features you can expect with this virtual events platform:

Top-Notch Online Event Registration & Event Booking Software

  • The event registration process is a simple step, but it is one where potential attendees can easily lose interest. A clunky system leads to frustrated users and ultimately fewer sign-ups. Zoho’s virtual event planner allows for seamless registration and a dedicated email nurturing process.
  • Ticket setup is as easy as 1-2-3. The system allows the event organizer to configure multiple ticket classes, add customized ticket descriptions, and send instant welcome emails to attendees.
  • No commission. Zoho Backstage has a 0% commission fee on ticket sales, giving you peace of mind and big savings.
  • Instant payouts for organizers. This virtual event planner is compatible with all major payment gateways and allows for instant payouts.

zoho virtual event planner

An Event Ticketing System that Supports In-Person Events

In-person events are slowly back on the rise. Although they are less common than virtual events nowadays, Zoho Backstage continues to allow event organizers to sell and check tickets in real-time at the venue. Zoho offers a powerful, streamlined, and easy-to use contactless mobile check-in option.

Customized branding. Everyone loves a unique badge to bring home after a conference. Zoho Backstage works with BadgeUp – a drag-and-drop badge designer tool that gives your attendees an experience to remember.

Option to allow walk-ins. If someone walks in at the last second without a ticket, the last thing you want to do is turn them away. The Zoho virtual event planner gives organizers the option to sell an additional ticket onsite.

Track attendance in real-time. Track who came to your event, when, and for how long with the virtual event planner’s advanced attendance tracking system.

Manage Event Sponsorship with Ease

Sponsorships are one of the most important elements of any event. In some cases, the sponsors are what allow the event to take place. Zoho Backstage allows event managers to create tiers and unique packages to attract a wide variety of sponsors. Here are just a few of the features the platform offers for sponsorship management:

Manage sponsorship requests from the site. With Zoho Backstage, sponsorships are made easy with the ability to accept sponsorship requests right from the site – these can be approved or rejected right from the event dashboard.

Promotional opportunities. When it comes to sponsor satisfaction, visibility is key. The virtual event planning platform gives plenty of customizable options for users to feature sponsors on their websites – attracting not only more attendees but other interested sponsors too.

In-Depth Event Metrics Analysis

Metrics are essential for determining the success of an event. Analytics are important not just during the event, but before and after, too. Zoho Backstage allows organizers to stay on top of registrations, track ticket sales, attendee count, sessions, and collect post-event feedback.

virtual event analytics

Detailed data on attendees’ buying patterns. These data give insights into attendees’ psychology that can help improve your ticketing strategy and boost registrations.

Measure the impact of influencers. If you plan to work with influencers for your event (a great idea, by the way), Zoho Backstage allows for direct tracking of event reach through each one of these contacts.

Learn from your mistakes. Use these analytics to help determine what went well and what could use improvement for your next conference.

Host Interactive Event Experiences

The most important thing about hosting a live virtual event is that it provides a fun and engaging experience for attendees. One of the biggest fears of virtual conference attendees is that the event will be “boring.” With Zoho Backstage, you can prove them wrong. The platform allows for speakers to ask questions, upload presentations, and add polls and quizzes for maximum interactive event experiences.

Create networking opportunities for attendees. The virtual event planner allows attendees to create private or group chats, so they can take their offline connections online.

Keep attendees up-to-date on changes. Keep attendees in the know with the ability to send instant notifications through the software.

Engage the audience with feedback opportunities. Everyone loves to share their opinion, especially if it’s a positive one. Give attendees the opportunity to share what they loved best about your conference with post-session surveys and polls.

Virtual event planning is becoming the future of the business conference. With the Zoho Backstage virtual event planner, you have everything you need to host a successful and memorable event – all in one place. The virtual event planner offers the most technologically advanced apps and add-ons to give your customers the experience of a lifetime.

Try Zoho Backstage for free and see if it’s right for you or you organization. If you have any questions regarding help with Backstage or any other Zoho Applications configuration or integration please contact us and we can setup a free discovery call to discuss your software needs.

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