Zoho One | A full cloud ERP

Zoho One – A Comprehensive Overview

We know that a customizable CRM is essential for your business, whether you’re a startup within the first year of growth or a well-established enterprise.

A quality CRM enables you to track employee performance, tasks, vendor payments, reports, and the overall operations workflow. A CRM will take several different processes and easily consolidate them into one software platform.

Instead of going over what just any CRM can do for you, this article will focus on what specifically the Zoho One platform can do for your business.

A level up from their Zoho CRM Plus offering, Zoho One is the ‘all-in-one’ suite of products offered by the platform, this gives you access to pretty much every Zoho app available.

Zoho One is a powerful automation tool and a full ERP. Let’s get into it!

Zoho Mail and Zoho Cliq – a powerful browser email client and integrated teams chat application

zoho mail

With a customizable domain, encrypted emails, an ad-free user experience, and clean mobile and desktop interfaces – you can’t go wrong with Zoho Mail, an integral part of Zoho One.

Already have a provider? No worries. Migration is easy and supports both calendar and contact syncing for a seamless transition.

While many parts of the world continue to see improvement with the spread of COVID-19, managing remote teams can still be a huge hurdle. Keeping your remote team connected is easy with Zoho Cliq, easily the best team chat application seamlessly integrated into Zoho Mail. Easily start calls and pop out for a full window experience.

How does Zoho Mail pricing compare? Let’s take a look at G Suite vs. Zoho Mail. G Suite is double the price and allows for only 1/4 storage space for attachments. Not only does Zoho Mail offer advanced security features to G Suite’s basic, but Zoho Mail includes a branded training application as well.

Zoho SalesIQ – Chatbot and Web Traffic Statistic Analysis Tool

zoho sales iq

Zoho SalesIQ makes converting new leads into customers a piece of cake.

Whether your lead is a new user or returning user – context is key in an ongoing customer relationship. SalesIQ ensures that not only can you customize each customer interaction, but that the data is saved within the Zoho One platform for future use. No more redundant conversations!

Zoho SalesIQ features include:

  • A ready-to-install, easily customizable, low-code chatbot – affectionately named Zobot – that tracks your prospect’s web performance habits, checks webpage visits, stores entire chat history, and basic lead data collection for sales agent and live chat agent use.

  • Pleasant, user-friendly design

  • Seamless data integration with Zoho CRM.

Our dear Zobot is easily the best chatbot for easy customization.

Zoho PageSense -A stunning value among website conversion tools

zoho page sense

Having a thorough understanding of how your website performs both from the user perspective and as a conversion tool is key for continued success.

Zoho PageSense is a powerful web analytics software that tracks website conversion optimization with ease, so you can stay on top of what your customers are clicking on – and what they’re not.

Take steps to plan your user journey map with tools like A/B testing, split testing, session recording, and site heatmaps (a simple way of identifying what pages your prospects land on and stay on).

PageSense gives you the tools to toe the line between effectively measuring your user journey map vs. relying solely on user flow. If your website is well-optimized, your prospects enjoy spending time on it, will likely come back, and may even end up a customer.

Zoho Marketing Hub – Marketing Automation Software

zoho marketing hub

Planning your digital marketing strategy doesn’t have to be difficult, and it certainly doesn’t require multiple management applications.

Zoho Marketing Hub helps you manage multi-channel marketing in one tool, from email marketing, SMS marketing, to Social Media marketing.

Zoho Marketing Hub features include:

  • Powerful lead management, from capture, engagement, to final sales agent assignment
  • Intuitive web behavior analysis, with reports that focus on user tab navigation and feature selection.
  • An intelligent marketing ROI calculator, so you can track objectives and calculate marketing costs with ease.

Zoho Sites

zoho sites

Customize your company website with Zoho Sites, a user-friendly web design template tool that yields attractive results for very little effort.

Spare your website users from scanning fatigue with the section tool and leave your creative mark with the visual editor function.

Best of all, it integrates seamlessly with the Zoho CRM, so you can track leads, optimize chatbots, and even publish blogs automatically.

Zoho Vault – Secure team password manager

zoho vault

Memorizing passwords is a thing of the past with Zoho Vault.

Zoho Vault supports single sign-on, safely stores your passwords, and provides you with visual insights on password strength, audit trails, and privilege access.

Best of all, Vault easily integrates with third-party platforms like G Suite, Office 365, and Service Now.

Zoho Meeting, Zoho Webinar, and Zoho Showtime – Virtual Meeting and Virtual Training Software

zoho meeting

Whether it’s the monthly team meeting, an important webinar, on onboarding new hires – Zoho Meeting and Showtime have you covered.

Zoho Meeting combines a virtual meeting application with a webinar function, and it all opens within your web browser – so you don’t have to download third-party applications or fuss through complicated firewalls.

Easily share your screen and join in on meetings either on mobile or on your desktop. Additionally, you can rest assured that Zoho has your privacy needs covered with optional password-protected meetings.

Zoho Sign – Digital Signature App

zoho sign

With military-grade encryption software, Zoho Sign takes the guesswork out of the signing process.

New hire? NDA? New contract? Easily track the progress of your document and receive notifications when your clients view and sign.

In scenarios that require multiple signatures, you can even configure which individual signs first – and how.

Zoho Qntrl – Business Process Automation

zoho qntrl

Workflow automation takes a new form with Zoho Qntrl, a recent acquisition for Zoho.

Maximize your team’s time and streamline your business processes with Qntrl. Assign tasks to appropriate users, track team communication, ensure compliance, and be aware of task progress every step of the way.

Zoho Bookings – Appointment Scheduling Software

zoho bookings

Forget extended email threads or cumbersome third-party booking systems.

Zoho Bookings provides a seamless and integrated online booking software for interviews, huddles, discovery calls, and more. Sync your calendar and reduce missed appointments with email and SMS reminders.

Organize your team schedule and enjoy the ease of creating appointment automation within an automated appointment confirmation system.

Zoho Social – Social Media Scheduler and Analytics Tool

zoho social

Fine-tuning a consistent social media posting schedule can be tricky and time-consuming – especially when at the mercy of complex algorithms that don’t always favor the small business.

Zoho Social allows you to link all of your social accounts, so you can execute a seamless social media marketing plan.

Take advantage of social media marketing tools that Zoho Social provides, such as social media post ideas, useful engagement post analytics to improve engagement rate, and social media competitor analysis.

Zoho Forms – Modern Web Forms And Form Builder

zoho forms

Take your form building and data capture form workflows to a whole new level with Zoho Forms.

Form integration takes on a new meaning with Zoho Forms. Measure data, expand your reach, embed easy, no-code online form templates onto your website, and export data with ease.

Zoho Backstage – Virtual Events

zoho backstage

Zoho Backstage takes your run-of-the-mill event management software and elevates it into an experience. Backstage helps businesses organize interactive events built for engagement designed with a professional user interface.

It’s both a virtual event platform and a virtual event planner.

Backstage empowers your guests and hosts with an interactive and branded platform that makes it easy to maximize your event’s digital footprint while also managing key factors like online ticket booking and payment, online registration, and sponsorship tiers.

Zoho Desk – Help Desk Software

zoho desk

Zoho Desk streamlines both client complaint tickets with automation of tedious, repetitive tasks.

Available in mobile and desktop, Zoho Desk enables your team to hone in on processes, implement a 24/7 automated self-service platform, and resolve customer cases with ease.

Zoho Projects and Zoho Sprints – Project Management and Agile Project Management

zoho projects

Zoho Projects makes it too easy to track tasks, manage reports, bill hours, and collaborate with your team effectively – all from the comfort of your home.

Zoho Projects ties in closely with Sprints, an agile project management tool that helps you triage what’s most important for your team to focus on during your defined sprints. Sprints integrates with Projects so that your company can run traditional waterfall project management and also run agile sprints so that you don’t have to choose one or the other.

Zoho Workdrive/Writer/Sheets/Show

zoho workdrive

Sheets, slides, and documents all in one powerful package – Zoho Workdrive. Featuring real-time editing functionality and a secure workspace – this application will take your team collaboration efforts to a new level.

Zoho Books and Zoho Expense – Bookkeeping Software and Expense Management

zoho books

Zoho Books looks after tedious, time-consuming accounting tasks like invoicing and sales, so you can focus on what’s essential.

You can even add your accountant to Zoho Books, as well as employees. They can log hours, view relevant reports, or invoice from the platform.

Expense management can be incredibly tedious, especially when traveling. It’s easy to exceed budget accidentally or lose track of receipts, so that’s where Zoho Expense comes in. Easily upload receipts, report expenses in real-time, book lodging and travel, and quickly approve reimbursement.

Zoho Inventory – Inventory Management Software

zoho inventory

Efficiency is key when you have inventory to track, and Zoho Inventory is the answer.

Easily integrate your Shopify, Amazon, or other retail account and make tracking sales and stock easy. Sync with Zoho CRM and Zoho Books for easy financial data management.

Track stock, manage orders and create purchase orders easily – all within one application. Shipping costs are easily calculated and are real-time rates.

Zoho People – Human Resource Management

zoho people

It’s well and good to have optimized business operations, but suitable HR resources for your team are essential.

Zoho People automates the onboarding process, manages attendance, and streamlines the hiring process, so you can focus on your people and your business!

Zoho Analytics – Business Intelligence

zoho analytics

You don’t have to be a business intelligence analyst to make smarter, more data-driven decisions about your business.

Zoho Analytics makes understanding and using business intelligence tools easy.

User-friendly with universal language (i.e. not just for experts), Analytics puts you ahead of your trends. No-code analytics, visual data consolidation, and flexibility are just a glimpse of how Analytics can help your business.

Zoho Creator – Custom Application Development Software

zoho creator

Zoho Creator keeps things moving in order and in context with custom workflow automation.

Connect or extend your current company applications to work together or run new custom functions that are not currently available – no matter what your coding expertise is.

Bonus – create a team member portal to give certain team members access to certain data or information. Additionally, you can create roles and profiles for your company.

Zoho Flow – Workflow Software Automation Builder and Application Connector

zoho flow

From Slack, LinkedIn, to G-Suite – integrate all of your business applications and tasks within Zoho Flow. Zoho continues to find revolutionary ways to automate business solutions and facilitate application connections. Take advantage of pre-built or customized workflow templates to reduce time spent on repetitive or mundane tasks, and to stay focused.

Zoho Authorized Partners

PaintedRobot is a Zoho Authorized Partner and a full stack digital firm that can Implement, Build, Integrate and Support full ERP projects and tie them into Web and Marketing Efforts so that our client partners don’t have to struggle through the pain point of working with multiple agency companies for their Zoho ERP , Web and Marketing Projects. See our Business Tools Services here to find out more:

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