7 Creative Marketing Ideas for Instagram

7 Creative Marketing Ideas for Instagram

More than 1 billion people use Instagram every month. Of the massive volume of content being posted on the platform every day, one third of the most viewed stories are posted by businesses. Instagram has one of the highest levels of engagement of any social media platform, even when compared to Facebook and Twitter. As a marketer, this is one tool you can’t afford to skip out on.

This blog covers some unique creative ideas for marketing a business on Instagram. Let’s get started:

1. Offer a Discount to New Followers
One of the most effective ways to boost one’s follower base on Instagram is by offering a discount for each new follower. If a customer can provide proof that they follow the company on Instagram at the point of sale, they can be awarded a 5% or 10% discount off the total cost. There are several plugins that allow you to enter a bonus field in a form that will automatically apply the discount to the appropriate customer. As a bonus, consider offering an additional discount to those who refer a friend to your product or service.

2. Post Tasteful Product Photos
For marketers, Instagram is a creative outlet that should be used primarily to grow brand awareness. Unlike other platforms like LinkedIn or Reddit, where users are looking for long-form, informative content, Instagram users are looking for small pieces of beautiful, relevant, and easily digestible visual content. As a retailer, Instagram should be used to post tasteful, non salesy product photos. In these posts, the goal should not be to sell the product, but to implicitly sell its benefits. A company selling running shoes, for example, might show a photograph or video of a person winning their first 50 km race in a pair of their shoes.

3. Share User-Generated Content
Content generated by customers does two things simultaneously: it provides free advertising for products and services while expanding the company reach to include the personal social circle of each new follower. To encourage engagement, consider hosting a contest or offering prizes for your most active customers on social media. In a perfect world, you would want the majority of social media content to be generated by users.

4. Create a Weekly or Monthly Post Series
Tired of posting for the sake of posting? A weekly or monthly posting series allows businesses to interact with the audience regularly, and takes some pressure off of the creative marketing team. Here are a few hashtag ideas to help you get started:
• #TBT (throwback Thursdays) – Post an old photo of an event, team workshop, or the office
• #TGIF (thank goodness it’s Friday) – Post something exciting about the approaching weekend
• #motivationmonday – Post a motivational quote every Monday
• #tuesdaytruth – A great hashtag for sharing facts, statistics, or thoughts to promote the brand

5. Host an AMA
Ask-me-anything (AMA) is a trending social media phenomenon in which businesses or influencers conduct a live session where followers can ask anything they want. This is the perfect opportunity to connect with users, promote the brand, and share your knowledge. AMAs can take the form of a live chat, video stream, or podcast. Remember to keep the answers positive and optimistic, and to advertise the event prior to going live.

6. Post Visually Stimulating How-to Content
Simple, step-by-step how-to guides are always a big hit with the audience. Instagram is the go-to social media platform for posting short video or infographic tutorials. Each piece of content should be concise and to the point, offering engaging visual imagery and actionable steps to draw in the audience.

7. Make Your Own Meme
People. Love. Memes. There are no two ways about it. Brainstorm with the marketing team to come up with a clever, ideally humorous caption, pair it with a high-quality photo, and voila! You just might become an internet sensation. It’s important; however, to always keep the audience in mind. Generally, memes tend to do better when geared towards a younger, more active audience on social media.

The creative marketing opportunities on Instagram are endless. With these 7 creative marketing ideas for Instagram, you can start to get the ball rolling and build the brand on social media. For more creative marketing tips and tricks, check out the other articles on our blog.

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