4 Great Landing Page Examples

In marketing, a landing page is a standalone webpage that acts as a funnel for collecting contact information through a…

What makes a good landing page? Read this blog to discover some great landing page examples and tips to improve your own landing pages.

In marketing, a landing page is a standalone webpage that acts as a funnel for collecting contact information through a submission form. Landing pages are crucial to marketers; they are often the first place new contacts “land” after clicking on a link from Google, another website, or social media. In this article we will talk about some key landing page examples that convert.

When it comes to landing pages, first impressions are everything. On average, 9 out of 10 users will bounce from a landing page. So how do you convince users to stay? And how do you get them to come back? In this article we’ll give you some examples of top-notch landing pages, and explain why they are so effective.

Before we get started, let’s go over a few common things that make a landing page “good.”
Purpose. The best landing pages are built with only one goal in mind, whether it is encouraging the user to sign up for newsletter, purchase a product, or learn more about a topic.
Simplicity. When it comes to landing pages, less is always more. Keep content to a minimum and use simple and attractive visuals to draw the user in. Use white space to help the page breathe.
Structure. Flow is important on a landing page. From top to bottom, the page should follow a clear structure that leads the user to an obvious call to action.
Trust. Some landing pages display certifications, awards, or achievement badges to help build trust with the audience.
Mobile friendliness. More than half of all website traffic comes in on mobile phones. Landing pages should be optimized for mobile with responsive design.
Branding. It’s easy to forget about brand consistency when creating a standalone page. Landing pages should reflect the same tone and colour palette as other marketing materials.

Let’s get down to details. Here are four landing page examples of high-quality landing pages, and why:

1. Slack

What makes this landing page great:
• A simple and obvious single form field with a clear call-to-action button
• The CTA uses the word “free” – this is always a big help
• The possibility to scroll within the page makes for easy navigation
• The content is short and easy to read
• The content is written in casual language that is easy to understand
• The graphic uses bright colours and is visually stimulating

landing page examples

2. Uber

What Uber does well in this landing page example:
• The page has a “flow” that is immediately obvious to the user
• The CTA button is large and obvious
• The Uber logo at the top of the page helps the user connect the page back to the brand
• “Add a promo code” does not appear unless it is clicked, allowing for more room in the form
• The design is simple and does not interfere with the submission form
• The form is short and to the point, and only collects the necessary information

landing page examples

3. Litmus

• The single field and submit button are at the top of the page, encouraging sign-ups right away
• The phrase “let’s stay in touch” is personable and friendly
• The company provides full transparency by offering some examples of past newsletters topics along with photographs
• The colours are simple and complement each other
• The text at the bottom of the page sells the benefits of signing up for the newsletter

landing page examples

4. Shopify

• The page immediately builds confidence by showing trust built with other businesses
• The content at the bottom sells benefits, not features
• Content is broken up into chunks, which are much easier to digest
• Photographs at the centre of the page show how the company’s site is supported on all devices
• Only one field form makes signing up easy and quick
• The “sub-text” about the free trial is written in personable language customers are likely to appreciate

Landing pages are great because they allow for total creativity. No two landing pages are the same, but there are certain characteristics that ensure landing page success. Generally, if you keep content short and clear, use stimulating and simple imagery that matches with the company brand, and provide a clear call-to-action button, you will have a much more successful landing page, and a higher likelihood of conversions.

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