Social Media Marketing & the Benefits for Your Business

In the last decade, most business owners have been forced to become experts in social media marketing. Whether you like it or not, nearly all interactions customers have with businesses now take place online.

Marketing on social media is not a choice – it’s a necessity.

Businesses big and small have all had to adapt to the fast-paced, ever-changing world of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Thankfully, social media marketing is low-effort and low risk.
Today, we’ll go over the 5 key benefits social media marketing has for your business:

Tell Your Story

Social media is great because it allows business to show—not tell—their company stories. Sharing through visual content allows business owners to connect with the audience on a more personal level. This is a golden opportunity to carve out a space for the brand, and bring to light what is unique about the business. Promote a company the right way and customers will over time begin to recognize your brand without even needing to see a logo or social media handle.

Uncover Unbelievably Accurate and Detailed Insights About Your Audience

Social media is a treasure trove for analytics. People tend to be open on social media – sharing things they otherwise wouldn’t in a normal conversation. This makes it incredibly easy to find out about purchasing patterns, what customers desire, and what they dislike. Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook allow users to uncover detailed metrics about visitors who land on a page; like age, gender, occupation, location, the device it was accessed on, and more. This information will contribute to a more nuanced marketing strategy that resonates with customers and prospects on a deeper level.

Improve SEO Presence

A big benefit of social media marketing is that is helps drive new traffic to your website, indirectly improving SEO. When a user reads a post made by a company on LinkedIn, it increases the likelihood of them seeking further information by visiting the company’s website. Social media improves SEO by directing users to specific pages on the site. When users read content on the site, it tells Google that these pages are important. This boosts the website’s ranking in search engines, increasing the likelihood of new customers finding the website.

Find New Opportunities and Audiences

Are your mailing lists getting stale? Social media is the perfect way to perk up that contact list with a younger, more active audience base. The social marketplace reels in customers who don’t already attend tradeshows, listen to your webinars, or read your blogs. Without social media, the only way to access these customers is through paid advertising, and even that can be a shot in the dark. Use social platforms not just for daily posts, but to promote and host livestream events, contests, polls, and to share content posted by other companies that is interesting and relevant.

Get a Reputation for Top-Notch Customer Service

Have you ever complained about a brand on social media? Or left a Google Review praising a company for its outstanding customer service? We’ve all done it. Social platforms are the go-to spot for sharing experiences, especially when it comes to customer service. If you run a business (and do it well) social media marketing can provide free advertising in the form of reviews and customer testimonials. If you ever get a bad review, take it as an opportunity to reach out one-to-one with the customer, and try to come to a common point of understanding.

Social media plays an instrumental role in promoting businesses in 2020. It provides a space to develop relationships with customers, build the brand, and showcase products and services. Any marketing team should make social media marketing a priority, and devote a significant portion of time and budget to ensure the company gets the love and attention it deserves on social platforms.

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