Case Study

Dundee Recycling Digital Marketing


When Dundee Recycling came to PaintedRobot, they had been working with a Google Ads partner and a separate web partner. The two silos were not working well together and were not producing the results that Dundee Recycling wanted from their investments. They wanted a single technology partner that could manage their web and marketing, and they wanted more insight than just a once-a-month report from the paid digital marketing budget.

The Challenge

Identify existing and potential audiences and the specific products and services each user type needs to effectively allocate ad dollars.

Lead Management

Track and measure all web user behavior and move form submission and phone call leads through the conversion funnel.

Opportunity Data

Implement a tool that provides marketing feedback and pushes all opportunity data to Dundee Recycling to turn more leads into sales.


Track and Manage Data

Implement strong digital infrastructure so all user behavior, web submission data, and call data can be tracked and used to test and optimize campaigns.

Track Leads

Equip Dundee Recycling with Opportunity Boss, our lead tracking tool. Push all lead data to the tool to help them manage their opportunities and increase wins.

Increase Traffic

Use targeted Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads to strategically increase traffic, engagement, and conversions on the marketing site.

Optimize Campaigns

Use marketing data and client feedback to continue improving the quality and quantity of leads and new work for Dundee Recycling.

Our Process

Configure All Tracking Tools

Configure Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Search Console, PageSense, RankMath, and our Call Tracking Tool to be ready to track, report, and pass along all user and conversion data.

Implement and Introduce Opportunity Boss

Set up our tool to receive all opportunities and tracking data. Provide login access and initial overview training so the client can succeed in the tool and properly manage leads.

Optimize SEO and Launch Paid Ads

Optimize existing web pages to index and rank for organic search traffic. Prep and launch Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads to pull in targeted web traffic.

Track User Conversions

Watch heat maps and user sessions to ensure that users find the products and services they want, take the action we want them to take, and complete the process of becoming new leads.


All leads tracked

Call, live chat, and web form submission source data are tracked and automatically logged as new opportunities in Dundee Recycling’s login of PaintedRobot’s Opportunity Boss tool.

+ 9000 Web sessions

Since the tracking and marketing effort began, over 9,000 new website visits have occurred. New Users represent 7,378 of those web sessions.

lead management

Dundee Recycling welcomed the use of PaintedRobot’s Opportunity Boss tool, which is free to marketing clients. They are managing the opportunities through the funnel stages daily.

+ 725 new leads

Since the marketing effort began, 725 new leads have been generated without increasing the ad spend from the original ad budget.


PaintedRobot’s journey with Dundee proved that digital synergy is a catalyst that can transform a brick-and-mortar business. By aligning the Google Ads strategy with a cohesive web presence, we turned disjointed marketing efforts into a streamlined force, sending Dundee Recycling well on its way toward its growth goals.

Our tailored approach with Opportunity Boss created a robust digital ecosystem that replaced a previous band-aid strategy. We see more than numbers as we look at the uplift in web sessions and a surge of new leads. We see a partnership fortified by trust and a future where Dundee Recycling’s potential is unrestrained by the bounds of its previous digital strategies.

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