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Zoho Mail & what you need to Know

Email has become the primary source for professionals and businesses to communicate. It is inexpensive, fast, easily accessible, and extremely efficient. The importance of email in business can simply not be denied. However, it isn’t enough to use a standard free email provider these days, as it lacks all of the branding benefits that a professional email provides.

Email hosting services create an opportunity for businesses to appear trustworthy, organize the business internally, and drive traffic to their site. One of the more popular email hosting services on the market is Zoho Mail.

Today, we will give an overview of Zoho Mail and look at the many features included in the service along with their subscription plans and pricing. Before we dive right into all of the beneficial aspects, let us give you a brief description of the service.

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Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is an ad-free email hosting service that provides businesses and their employees with professional email and communication services. This email service performs at an industry leading level, is user-friendly, and backed up with incredible protection and security. Zoho Mail aims to provide businesses of all sizes with the professionalism they need in order to showcase their legitimacy to clients.


Businesses who use Zoho Mail, experience the plethora of benefits that this email service provides other than just checking and responding to messages. It is one of the highest performing email providers and for good reason. Let’s take a look at some of the more pronounced features:

Custom Domain and Email Address

Authenticity, professionalism, and reliability are all traits that businesses strive to convey to other organizations. Zoho Mail helps kick-start this by allowing you to create custom email addresses for your employees containing the domain of your business.

This ensures that your business’ name is visible to all email recipients. This customizable feature helps businesses increase brand awareness, credibility, and overall visibility. If you are starting from scratch, you can purchase a domain for your business through Zoho Mail and then get started on getting employees set up with their email accounts . 

Inbox Applications

The suite of available applications within the interface of Zoho Mail is industry class. Organizations can use apps like:

  1. Calendar – create events manually or allow the add feature to automatically add the event to your calendar.
  2. Tasks – compartmentalize projects into more manageable tasks and assign employees to them.
  3. Notes – create notes with text, photos, or videos and colour coordinate them to help organize thoughts. Share them with colleagues with ease through email.
  4. Contacts – this contact portal helps keep all necessary contacts in one neatly organized location.


Zoho Mail’s Streams are social media style collaboration chats used to help colleagues seamlessly communicate, work efficiently, and reduce email clutter. You can “@” a member of your team or an entire group to share email seamlessly without the need for extensive email threads, share folders, and get feedback through likes and comments right in your mailbox. This is one of the primary collaboration features that really makes this service stand out. 

Zoho Mail Control Panel

The Zoho Mail control panel allows organization’s administration to manage a wide array of settings, privileges, and details of the business. Such as:

  • Domain details
  • User/Group management
  • Spam issues
  • Mailbox access; and many more administrative duties.

The mailbox access feature is quite handy, as it allows you to set permissions for specific team members to access certain mailboxes. For example, you can restrict access to the human resources mailbox to anyone who isn’t part of human resources. It is a simple feature, yet quite effective.


Much like all Zoho One products, Zoho Mail can be seamlessly integrated with all applicable applications under the Zoho One umbrella as well as other third party apps. Zoho Mail’s migration capabilities also allow you to transfer any emails or contacts from your previous provider to Zoho Mail with ease.  


Safety of data is always a concern for businesses, and this is where Zoho Mail truly shines. This service ensures the finest email data protection through encryption protocols, authentication processes, and unusual activity reports to keep your Zoho Mail login and accounts secure and inaccessible to intrusion. Data centers along with physical security protection are also used by all services provided by Zoho. Customer service is provided 24/7 to offer a helping hand whenever needed.

Zoho Mail vs G Suite

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Zoho Mail Download

Are you interested in using the mail app on your phone? Get the app for your device at the App Store or Google Play.

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Zoho Mail Pricing

Zoho Mail has a variety of payment plans and options.These plans and the Zoho Mail pricing structure are as follows:

Forever Free Plan

This plan allows up to five users with 5GB of storage for every user and 25MB attachment limit for free, but limits the organization to one domain. This plan is great for small businesses that don’t have a lot of employees but still want a professional touch.

Mail Lite – $1/user/month

The Mail Lite plan offers 5GB of storage but with much more access to the suite of tools and email hosting with multiple domains.

Mail Premium – $4/user/month

This plan provides users with 50GB of storage and comes with a bundle of more features than the cheaper subscription plans, such as email restoration, white labelling, and 1GB attachments.

Workplace – $3/user/month

This plan is optimal for an organization that intends to use multiple Zoho office applications and is looking to implement all the communication capabilities Zoho Mail has to offer.

Additional Features

Zoho CRM

Zoho Mail is part of the larger suite of Zoho applications, one of which is Zoho CRM. Integrating your Zoho Mail account with Zoho CRM is straight forward, allowing you to both email to track all emails from clients internally inside of the CRM, giving both the options of sending and receiving directly in the platform as well.

Zoho Mail Sign Up

Zoho Mail is an industry leader in email service with a suite of features, high performing software, and intuitive interface. If you’re interested, register with the Zoho Mail Sign Up option you prefer, and be sure to check out Zoho One’s other business solution tools to see how they can help your organization achieve it’s goals with the value and possibilities that Zoho ERP suite can bring to your business.

Finally, for some great best practices around email examples for outreach, check out this post from Respona.

Zoho Authorized Partners

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