Case Study

Megamation Marketing Site

Megamation specializes in designing, building, and deploying SaaS CMMS solutions.


Megamation’s online presence and user experience needed an update. Their older site did not showcase all of their products, features, and benefits, which was hindering their ability to generate new leads. Their user experience was not professional enough to give existing clients access to the support and resources they needed.

The Challenge

The site had to serve as a marketing and lead generation site and act as a support hub that integrated into Megamation’s knowledge base to showcase training videos. PaintedRobot was brought on as a web expert to collaborate, guide, and develop the site using designs provided by another agency responsible for design and content. The site had to be built so that the Megamation team could add and edit content easily without the need for web developers.


The objectives of the project were as follows:

Design Collaboration

Partner with the design agency to turn their vision into page layouts that work for both digital and web.

Dynamic Content

Guide the client and design agency on best practices for layout and function for dynamic content like training videos.

Custom Function & Requests

Plan for the execution of requests like banners, sticky CTAs, Conditional Events, and Gated Downloadable PDFs.

Approval & Launch

Get all pages, copy, and content approved and have a seamless launch so that there is no customer downtime.

Our Process

Review and Feedback of Design for Web

We provided our Global Styling Template that showcased what would be required to translate the design files to the website & made a number of design/development best practices recommendations to make the project a success.

Creation of Dynamic Content Prototypes

The creation of live functioning prototypes for dynamic content of training videos and downloadable PDFs showcased to the client how they could easily add or edit their resources and how great they would look and function on the website.

Custom Function Showcase & Approval

PaintedRobot took the time to develop prototypes of custom function request so that all stakeholders could see the functions/features on the web front end to ask questions or approve.

Collaboration for Clarity & Success

PaintedRobot added the design agency to our project management tool to streamline content and page approvals. We also prepped and did a live launch with the Megamation team first thing in the morning to confirm a seemless launch transition.


Design Success

The design agency was proud that the site showcased its designs well, and Megamation was thrilled to see the design and development come together into a finished product. The site looked great and worked well for brand and product awareness, lead generation, and as a support hub for their current customers.

Training Videos

The training videos have been built to look and function very well for website users. A member of the Megamations team can easily add and edit new or existing videos using a simple form.

Advanced Features

The site has several advanced features built from custom functionality requests, all of which work well and look sharp in the live site design.

Seamless Launch

Megamation transitioned to its new site without any issues, and its team was pleased with the lack of problems, delays, and surprises.


The Megamation Marketing Site was a successful collaboration with multiple stakeholders that required more collaboration and communication.

The site was launched smoothly, transitioning from its outdated state without any issues or downtime. Megamation is on PaintedRobot’s standard managed hosting plan and has experienced no issues with its marketing site thus far.

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Megamation Marketing Site