Case Study

New-School Cards Marketing Site

A fresh approach for business owners and their teams to easily share contact info and look impressive while they do


In the ever-evolving technology landscape, New-School Cards identified a gap in the market: the need for a sustainable digital business card and networking tool that’s easy to use and makes its corporate user look modern and professional.

The Challenge

Create a marketing site that introduces a new digital product to its audience and solves a problem they didn’t know they had.

Product Introduction

Sell users on the inertia of traditional networking methods to encourage the adoption of digital business cards.

User Engagement

Ensure that digital card products provide more value than their physical counterparts to make regular use a no-brainer.

Brand Differentiation

Establish a unique brand identity in a burgeoning digital marketplace.


New-School Cards is both a stand-alone product and a lead generation tool for a parent business. This marketing site had to effectively communicate the value of the digital business card and networking app while attracting the type of leads that would serve the parent business.

Create a Fresh, Modern Brand

Show that New-School Cards is a new and fresh approach to business cards while demystifying the tech elements for less technically literate users.

Solve User Pain Points with NS-Cards

Speak to the fact that no one ever has a print card with them when they need it, and print cards quickly become outdated as soon as a title changes or a company has a turnover.

Show the User How Easy It Is To Use

Ease of use and user experience were key to the application’s success, and the marketing site had to make the product approachable and usable for the audience.

Differentiate from Other Products

Show that New-School Cards offers more than digital business cards; it offers an additional value above and beyond the competition.

Our Process

The marketing site was an anchor in the greater sales strategy for New-School Cards.
To be successful, it had to clarify, educate, create interest, and generate sign-ups.

Create a Fresh, Modern Brand

Solve User Pain Points with NS-Cards

Show the User How Easy It Is To Use


Create a Company Login

Sign up for the risk-free 30-day trial to receive your company login and first Team Member Card.


Add Your Info

Update the Company Info that you want displayed on all company Team Member Cards.


Choose Your Style

Choose a style from our fresh designs that look great with your company logo and profile image.


Choose & Download Your Lock Screen QR

Select a layout for your phone’s Lock Screen QR Code, download the file, and upload it as your wallpaper with a single click.


Quick Share from Phone Lock Screen

Share your New-School Cards without unlocking your phone. Your card will never end up in a pocket, wallet, or garbage again.

Differentiate from Other Products


The New-School Cards project stands as a testament to the power of digital marketing for intangible products. Our strategic approach effectively brought a product to market, navigating initial brand recognition challenges to showcase a platform that redefines professional networking. We launched an eco-friendly, technologically-advanced solution that is picking up speed with today’s remote, hybrid, and in-person teams.

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Traditional cards are never there when you need them.