The Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Sure, Don Draper may be considered the epitome of coolness (shout out to all the Mad Men fans), but times have changed and so has the industry. Local advertising, coupons and print ads may have worked in the past, and we don’t have to abandon them completely, but as technology continues to progress it is imperative that businesses understand how digital marketing is changing the way consumers consume. 

Benefits of digital marketing for small businesses

  • Target your Exact Customer Audience:digital marketing platforms like search engines, social media marketing and YouTube allow you to deliver the right message to the right audience, every time. Engaged audiences are wrapped up in perfect bundle and ready to hear your message. Whether it’s cookware, apparel, crafting supplies or cleaning services you provide, audiences are segmented and pre-determined based on profiles and interests for a home run campaign every time. 
  • More sales leads, less money:Digital marketing solutions are much more affordable than traditional print, TV, and radio mediums, allowing small businesses to compete with larger corporations more fairly. Running awareness campaigns on both Facebook and LinkedIn boast thousands of views on each network, with an investment as low as $300 per month. 
  • Credibility:A healthy online presence not only keeps your business fresh in consumers minds, it builds trust and reliability in what you are offering. As your audience experiences increased exposure to your name and brand, they create stronger positive connotations towards your business, and associate a feeling of trust in your products/services. Creating credibility and trust ensures that when the need for a product or service arises, yours will be the first name they think of.
  • Measurable:Analytics and reports provide valuable insights into the efforts of your campaign, making it easy and convenient to adjust to the changing market conditions. Staying agile and shifting according to consumer behaviors has never been more accessible. Analytics reporting is that snapshot into consumers minds the advertising industry would have given their left arm for back in the day, businesses now have the key that opens that door. Insights not only improve your campaigns, they can open your eyes to new consumer interests and opportunities you may have otherwise overlooked. 
  • Greater customer connection and engagement:Digital marketing is a great way to open the communication stream between you and your customer. By interacting and engaging through higher levels of customer service and responding to feedback, you begin to build a relationship, increase customer loyalty and return business. The attempt to achieve this in previous years would have been through surveys or focus groups, which have a higher margin for error, are time-consuming, and costly. 

How to start your digital marketing program now

The following are effective digital marketing for small businesses strategies to enhance customer engagement, relationships, and of course, increase sales.  

Facebook and Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media has taken over our culture, and harnessing the power of paid ads within this segment is a great place to start. The ability to target the exact consumer you wish to see your ad has never been more accessible. Profiling by demographics, location, interests and likes removes all the guesswork out of who is seeing your ads. Facebook also provides reporting and measurement tools so you can optimize the users that are engaging with your efforts. Say its a restaurant you wish to promote, Facebook allows you to target local diners with an interest in food and eating out, who might also follow competitive restaurants in your area. 
Google, the gatekeeper of information
An up-to-date Google business profile keeps your business relevant and improves credibility to consumers. Your local Google listing/business profile is free and puts your name and location on Google maps.  Posting recent photos, updating business info, and responding to customer reviews keeps your business fresh, active and trustworthy. In consumers minds, if it’s not on Google, does it even exist? 

YouTube for effective awareness now 

Paid YouTube ads are targeted to users based on interests, subscriptions and watch history. YouTube is not only cost-effective and modern, it allows businesses to engage with potential consumers who are already engaged. YouTube is the TV of today, and the ability to run ads that get thousands of views at a fraction of the cost is a reality. Not only are YouTube ads easy and accessible, they can run for as little as 10 cents per view and are targeted directly to your audience.


LinkedIn is the ultimate digital marketing opportunity for B2B. Paid ads on this platform can generate major leads based on professional profile, job descriptions, location and industry. LinkedIn ads are the gateway to reaching decision makers in managerial and supervisor roles who are otherwise inaccessible. LinkedIn ads work similarly to Facebook on a B2B level. For example, a company manufacturing or selling heavy equipment may target construction companies and owners with their ads.  
SEO and search ads
Optimizing your searchability online is essential. Keyword optimization keeps your brand relevant and at the top of searches, it’s free and is essential in gaining web traffic.  
Paid search ads follow the same principle except they require an investment to maintain that top of the page status.  Paid search ads can be tailored to suit any budget and work by creating top of mind awareness in your consumers minds. Additionally, with a small amount of research, unique keywords that are a little less competitive than the herd can set your business apart in local searches. 
The Digital Marketing Era
Adapting as digital marketing creates shifts in the industry is unavoidable, and by incorporating some of the mediums from this article you’ll be well on your way. We have entered the digital marketing era; known for its targeted awareness, low barrier to entry, cost-effective nature, and ability to get results, digital marketing is here to stay. 
The industry has changed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn a thing or two from Don and his crew. Confidence, creativity and style will never go out of fashion, and with consumers more engaged and active than ever there’s no better time to get on top of your digital game. 


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